Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

January 7, 2018

Weekly Announcements

CONSECRATION OF THE HOST (cont.)   (Taken from Notes Made at the Conferences of Dom Prosper Guéranger).   Formerly the Host was not elevated at this part of the Mass, but only just before the commencing of the Pater. In the Eleventh Century, Berengarius, Archdeacon of Angers, having dared to deny the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, this Showing of the Sacred Host to the people, in the Mass, immediately after Consecration was introduced, in order to excite them to adoration. After this august ceremony, the Priest lays the Sacred Host on the Corporal and again kneels in adoration before It. From this moment, each time that the Priest touches the Host, he will genuflect both before and after doing so; before, because he is going to touch the Lord, and after, in order to pay Him homage. Besides this, he will not disjoin the thumb and index finger of each hand, until the Ablution, because these fingers are sacred, and have alone the honour of touching the Lord. For this reason, at his Ordination, the Bishop consecrated these fingers in a more special manner, putting the holy oil upon them first, and thence spreading it over the rest of the hand; if a Priest were to lose one of his index fingers, he would need permission from the Pope himself to touch the Body of the Lord with another finger.   Thus is accomplished the Great Mystery of Transubstantiation (that is to say, the changing of one substance into another), according to that word of Our Lord to His Apostles: Do this in commemoration of Me: Hoc facite in meam commemorationem (St. Luke xxii. 19); on condition, however, that the Minister be a Priest validly ordained, and that he pronounce these sacramental words over true bread and natural wine, with the intention of consecrating as the Church does. These conditions fulfilled, God is not free, He is bound by His own Word, and the Mystery must consequently be achieved.  The word enim is put in, to link this phrase with the preceding; it is not to be found in any of the three Gospels which mention the institution of the Eucharist, neither does St. Paul give it in his Epistle (1 Cor. xi. 24). Nevertheless Our Lord must have said this word, as this Tradition has come down to us from St. Peter and the Apostles. A Priest who were to omit the enim would sin, but his consecration would be valid. If he were to omit the meam there would be no consecration, because it is necessary to determine whose Body it is that the Priest is holding in his hands.   As soon as these above named sacred Words are pronounced, the Body of Our Lord is truly on the Altar; but because, since His Resurrection, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Redeemer cannot be separated, he is on our Altar in a Living State, just as He is in heaven, that is to say, glorious as He has ever been since His Ascension.   The showing of the Body of Our Lord which now takes place, is, as we have explained above, of comparatively modern institution. The Eastern Churches do not observe a similar ceremony, at this part of the Mass; but on the other hand, they give far more pomp and importance, than we do, to the Elevation that immediately precedes the Pater, and thereby attract the attention of the people to profound adoration: for this purpose, the Priest then takes the Body and Blood of the Lord in his hands, and turning towards the Faithful, as at the Orate Fratres, holds Them up for adoration.
Sunday Jan 7 8:00 AM 10:00 AM Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph   FSSP Pro Populo
Monday Jan 8   7:30 AM Feria of Epiphany     Antoinette Latka +
Tuesday Jan 9   7:00 AM Feria of Epiphany     Poor Souls
Wednesday Jan 10   6:00 PM Feria of Epiphany     Johnston & Robert Uhlig
Thursday Jan 11   7:30 AM Feria of Epiphany     John Koralewski
Friday Jan 12   6:00 PM Feria of Epiphany     Bruno Dziadkowiec
Saturday   Jan 13   9:00 AM Commemoration of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ   Rosalie Hasley
Sunday Jan 14 8:00 AM 10:00 AM Second Sunday after Epiphany   Henry Hasley Pro Populo
EPIPHANY BLESSING The pastor is available to bless homes with the special traditional Epiphany blessing using holy water and  incense from Jan. 6 through Jan. 13.  Please contact the pastor directly (pastor@sacredheartfw.org) or call the office if you would like this blessing.  Blessed chalk is also available for those who wish to update the writing over their door.  
Scrip   Scrip is a very easy way to help the parish financially without increasing your Sunday contribution. Please take a look at the order forms to see if there are vendors that you frequent. If so, just fill in the amount you would like to purchase. You will receive a gift card back that can be used any time and never expires. Please submit the form with a check by dropping it in the collection basket. For any questions call the office at 260-744-2519. All orders must be prepaid and will be placed on Monday of each week. Due to processing costs, in order to make a few dollars we have to have a combined total of all orders come to $400 or more. Your small order can help to reach this threshold.
MASS REQUESTS If you desire a Mass to be celebrated for a particular intention, please place the offering along with the specific intention in writing in an envelope clearly marked Mass Intention and place it in the collection basket.  For individual intentions, make sure to specify whether the person is living or deceased. Alternatively, you can approach the pastor or bring or mail the request to the church. We do not accept phoned-in or emailed requests. Everything must be together at the time the request is made. Please note that Mass stipends are NOT tax-deductible according to IRS regulations.