Pentecost Sunday

June 4, 2017

Weekly Announcements

CREDO (continued)   (Taken from Notes Made at the Conferences of Dom Prosper Guéranger).   Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum: I expect the resurrection of the dead. The Church does not tell us to say merely: I believe the resurrection of the dead, but I expect. We ought, indeed, to be impatient to see the coming of that moment of the resurrection, for the union of the body with the soul is necessary to the perfection of beatitude. The pagans had great difficulty in accepting this Truth, because death seems to be a condition of our very nature; our nature being composed indeed of body and soul, seeing that these elements can be separated, death maintains a certain empire over us. But for us, Christians, the Resurrection of the Dead is a fundamental Dogma. Our Lord Himself, rising again, on the Third Day after His death, confirms this Dogma in a most striking manner; for, says St. Paul, He is the first to come forth from amongst the Dead: primogenitus ex mortuis; as we are all to imitate Him, we too must all rise again. Et vitam venturi saeculi. I expect, likewise, the Life of the World to come, which knoweth not death. On earth, we live by the Life of Grace, we are supported by Faith, Hope, and Charity; but we do not see God. In glory, on the contrary, we shall fully enjoy the sight of Him, we shall see Him Face to Face, as Saint Paul tells us: We see now through a glass in a dark manner; but then face to face (1 Cor. xiii. 12). Moreover, during the days of our earthly pilgrimage, we are exposed to the danger of losing grace; whereas, in Heaven, no further fear of this kind can exist any longer, and we are put in possession there, of that which alone can fully satiate the boundless cravings of the heart of man; we are put in possession of God Himself, who alone is the End of man. With good reason, then, does Holy Church bid us say: Et exspecto vitam venturi saeculi. Such is the magnificent confession of Faith, put by Holy Church into the mouth of her children. There is yet another formula of our Creed, which was composed by Pius IV, after the Council of Trent. This, which we have just been explaining, is included in it, but with several other articles directed against Protestants, who, when they wish to make their abjuration, are required to read it aloud; without this condition being fulfilled, they could not receive absolution. In like manner, all holders of benefices, before taking possession thereof most pronounce this formula of Faith; for this reason, a Bishop does so, on arriving in his Diocese. [note: A "benefice" was something that was formerly required for any major cleric, as a guaranteed means for his financial support.  This took many forms, either productive land, some endowment, or in some cases, the cleric's own patrimony.]
  •  Sunday, June 4 - Pentecost Sunday     8:00 a.m.    John & Phyllis Kuhn Family Living & Deceased     10:00 a.m.    Pro Populo
  • Monday, June 5 - Pentecost Monday     7:30 a.m.    Sr. Catherine of Christ
  • Tuesday, June 6 - Pentecost Tuesday     7:30 a.m.    Mary Dziadkowiec
  • Wednesday, June 7 - Ember Wednesday in the Octave of Pentecost     6:00 p.m.    Jerome Imrick
  • Thursday, June 8 - Thursday in the Octave of Pentecost     7:30 a.m.    Edward Dahn
  • Friday, June 9 - Ember Friday in the Octave of Pentecost     6:00 p.m.    Dorne Mills & Family
  • Saturday, June 10 - Ember Saturday in the Octave of Pentecost     9:00 a.m.    Katherine DelaGrange†
  • Sunday,  June 11 - Trinity Sunday     8:00 a.m.     Alexandra Jacobs     10:00 a.m.    Pro Populo
Pentecost Collection for the Education of Seminarians in the Diocese Today we have a special Pentecost collection that will help fund the education of the Diocesan seminarians. Thank you for your generosity to this important collection. If you are unable to contribute this week, please bring your contribution and place it in next week’s offertory. Or, feel free to donate online at the diocesan website, Thank you for your generous support for Diocesan seminarian education!
Congratulations Bridget & Rita Eichman, Clarize Imrick & other graduates - Class of 2017 Our congratulations and prayers go out to Bridget,   Rita and Clarize as they graduate from high school. If any other parishioners are graduating from grade school high school or college please call the parish office to let us know so we can acknowledge their achievement in the bulletin and even more importantly so we can pray for them as they head onto their future.
June Devotion June is the month of the Sacred Heart. A devotion long practiced privately, it was officially approved in the 1800s. Devotion to the Sacred Heart encourages participation in Holy Hour Eucharistic Adoration and to receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of every month. On October 16th, the Church honors and remembers the life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, known as   Marguerite-Marie in her native France, who piously promoted devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. From the time she was a young child, Margaret had a love for the Blessed Sacrament, and preferred silence and prayer over typical play. After receiving first Holy Communion at the age of nine, she practiced mortification secretly, until paralysis left her confined to her bed for four years. She made a vow to the Blessed Virgin to pursue religious life and was then instantly restored to health. During her adolescence, at a time when      Margaret’s family was suffering in poverty due to the death of her father and an injustice done to a relative, the girl sought solace in the Blessed Sacrament. She received visions of Christ during these years, usually as the Crucified or Ecce Homo; she was not surprised by these visions, assuming such events occurred to all people. After joining the Visitation Convent at Paray-le-Monial in 1671, she began in 1673 to receive visions revealing the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She was rebuffed by her superior and by theologians for a time, about the validity of the visions, but remained humble, obedient, and charitable to those who persecuted her until the truth of the mission given to her by Our Lord convinced those who opposed her. The task given her by Christ, who called her the Beloved Disciple of the Sacred Heart, was to teach and encourage devotion to His Sacred Heart. It was based on this Christly inspiration that St. Margaret Mary was moved to establish the Holy Hour and Sacred Heart Devotion in the modern form. Prior to this time, there was a devotion to the love of Jesus and to the wounded Heart of Christ, but not established as the devotion is today. The practice encouraged by the saintly woman, at the guidance of Christ, included the Holy Hour on Thursdays, to share in the mortal sadness He endured when abandoned by His Apostles in His Agony, and to receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of every month. Additionally, He appointed through St. Margaret Mary for the Friday after the octave of the feast of Corpus Christi to be the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart. Margaret Mary was canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV and then in 1928, Pope Pius X reiterated in his encyclical Miserentissimus Redemptor the value of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart, given to us through St. Margaret.
Scrip   For the month of May we made $48.13. Scrip is a very easy way to help the parish financially without increasing your Sunday contribution. Please take a look at the order forms to see if there are vendors that you frequent. If so, just fill in the amount you would like to purchase. You will receive a gift card back that can be used any time and   never expires. Please submit the form with a check by dropping it in the collection basket. For any questions call the office at 260-744-2519. All orders must be prepaid and will be placed on Monday of each week. Due to processing costs, in order to make a few dollars we have to have a combined total of all orders come to $400 or more. Your small order can help to reach this threshold.
St. Vincent de Paul “Brown Bag Collection” Please continue to help our food bank here at Sacred Heart by taking a brown bag and filling it with non perishable foods. Every Friday the  Sacred Heart St Vincent de Paul Society has a food bank that is open to anyone living in the Fort Wayne area. We currently serve an average of 110 families. Please bring the filled bag back by the 2nd Sunday of each month and we will exchange it with another empty brown bag. This gives everyone an opportunity to help feed the poor in our city and work on our corporal works of mercy. Thank you in advance to all those who help us keep our food bank going.