Sexagesima Sunday

February 19, 2017

Weekly Announcements

CREDO (continued) Taken from Notes Made at the Conferences of Dom Prosper Guéranger) Genitum non factum, Begotten not made. We human creatures have all of us been made, we are the work of God, every one of us, not even excepting Our Blessed Lady and the Angels. But as to the Word, the Son of God, it is not so: He is Begotten, not made; He came forth from the Father, but He is not His work. He has the same Substance, the same Essence, the same Nature as the Father. In God, it behooves us ever to make distinction of Persons, but we must also ever behold the same Divine Substance, as well for the Father and the Son, as for the Holy Ghost: idem quoad substantiam. Our Lord also tells us so Himself: Ego et Pater unum sumus; they are One, but the Persons are distinct; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, these are the three terms which serve to designate them. Very important indeed, then, is this great word of the Council of Nicaea: Consubstantialem Patri, consubstantial with the Father. Yea, the Son is Begotten by the Father, He has the same Substance; there is the same Divine Essence. Per quem omnia facta sunt, by Whom all things were made. It was said at the beginning of the Symbol, that God made Heaven and earth and all creatures visible and invisible; and now here we are told, speaking of the Word, the Son of God, that all things were made by Him. How are we to reconcile all this? It can easily be understood by means of a comparison with our own soul. Three distinct faculties are given her, for the exercising of these her three distinct acts: power, understanding, and will. These three faculties are necessary to the perfecting of an act. By power, the soul is enabled to act, but this presupposes understanding and will. In like manner God the Almighty Father has made all things by His Power; he has made all things in Wisdom by His Son; and thereon has stamped His Will by the Holy Ghost: and thus is His Act perfected. It is therefore quite correct to say, speaking of the Son: per quem omnia facta sunt.
  • Sunday, February 19 - Sexagesima Sunday   8:00 a.m.    Rev James Buckley, FSSP   10:00 a.m.    Pro Populo
  • Monday, February 20 - Feria   7:30 a.m.    Poor Souls
  • Tuesday, February 21 - Feria   7:30 a.m.    †Rudolph Surach Sr.
  • Wednesday, Feb 22 - Chair of St Peter, Apostle   6:00 p.m.    †Fr. Aloysius Gostomski
  • Thursday, Feb 23 - St Peter Damian Confessor   7:30 a.m.    †Mary K Gill
  • Friday, February 24 - St. Matthias, Apostle   6:00 p.m.    †Katie Baumle
  • Saturday, February 25 - Our Lady on Saturday   9:00 a.m.    †Charles & Theresa Gabet
  • Sunday, February 26 - Quinquagesima Sunday   8:00 a.m.     Fr. Mark Wojdelski, FSSP   10:00 a.m.    Pro Populo
St. Vincent de Paul “Brown Bag Collection” Thank you to everyone who contributed a brown bag of food to the St Vincent de Paul Food Bank last week. This was a huge help. If you were not able to get a brown bag and would like to help, pick one up at either entrance. Every Friday the Sacred Heart St Vincent de Paul Society has a food bank that is open to anyone living in the Fort Wayne area. We currently serve an average of 110 families. We started the “Brown Bag Collection” to help fill our shelves with food. Every 2nd Sunday we will collect the brown bags with food and have another bag that can be picked up at the entrances of the church. Just fill it with nonperishable foods and bring it back with you the next 2nd Sunday of the month.
First Holy Communion It is expected that parents can adequately   prepare their children for First Holy Communion, teaching them their basic prayers, the rosary, how to go to  confession, etc. Parents with children who wish to make their First Communion this year are asked to inform the pastor, who will arrange for a short meeting with the child to ensure proper disposition and the requisite knowledge (including the ability to make a sacramental confession, which must precede First Communion). Highly recommended as a teaching aid is the classic "St. Joseph First Communion Catechism" available at any Catholic book shop. There are still only two families that contacted us about children making their First Communion this year.   Confirmation Those desiring to receive the sacrament of Confirmation are asked to contact the pastor or the church office as soon as possible. There will be a catechism class conducted based on Fr. Connell's Confraternity Edition of the Baltimore Catechism #3 and the booklet "Preparation for Confirmation" by Angelus Press, both of which will be provided by the parish. There have only been four families that have contacted the pastor.
New Life Tree Lent is a time of rebirth and renewal. Just as Jesus died for our sins, we too must die to self and be renewed in the Pascal Mystery. Each year trees fade away, appearing to die, only to come back to full life each spring. Babies are part of our new life and are a beautiful blessing from God Himself, as such they should always be valued and cherished. Similar to the Angel Tree at Advent time, the New Life Tree will host items to be collected for those in need of support. Specifically the Women's Care Center, items to be given and allocated according to their guidelines and needs. Bishop Rhoades described the Women's Care Center as 'A true oasis of mercy, places where women who may be in crises, perhaps tempted to do harm to themselves and their unborn babies, perhaps experiencing hopelessness or despair, rejection or helplessness, here receive  compassionate help and merciful love. There will be a tree set up with ornaments that have items written on them, just like the Angel Tree. The list of items requested will be specifically put together by the Women's Care Center representatives. Things like gently used baby clothes, baby shampoo, wipes, monetary donations, etc will be on the tree to choose from. This will start the beginning of Lent at the back of Church and be taken down before Good Friday. Items would be brought back to Sacred Heart where they will be pick up and delivered to the Women's Care Center. If you have any questions please call Erin Rivera at 260-246-0232.
Scrip      Please take a look at the order forms at the front entrance to see if there are vendors that you frequent. If so, just fill in the amount you would like to purchase. The form will let you know the percentage the Parish receives from your Scrip purchase. Please submit the form with a check by dropping it in the  collection basket. For any questions please call Kim at the office 260-744-2519. All orders must be      prepaid and will be placed on Monday of each week. Your orders will then come to the office and you will be called to pick them up or at church the following Sunday. Due to processing costs, in order to make a few dollars we have to put in an order of $300 or more.
Amazon Smile Don’t forget if you order things through Amazon you can go through and Sacred Heart will get a percentage back from them. Last quarter we received $16.31. To register just follow the instructions on our web page under – about us - fundraiser.