Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost

November 5, 2017

Weekly Announcements

MEMENTO OF THE LIVING   (Taken from Notes Made at the Conferences of Dom Prosper Guéranger).   Memento, Domine, famulorum famularumque tuarum N. et N. ...[Remember, Lord, your servants and handmaidens N and N] and the Priest, joining his hands, recalls in secret, those whom he wishes to recommend to God. Thus has the Priest first of all prayed for the whole Church in general, for the Pope, the Bishop, and all Orthodox Catholics, that is to say, all who are of the Faith of Holy Church. But this great Sacrifice, the fruits of which are infinite, operates in a more particular manner on all those, for whom special prayer is made; therefore the Priest is allowed here to mention those whom he wishes to recommend to God more especially. We learn from Tradition that in all ages, the Priest has been free thus to pray more expressly for those in whom he was interested, because the fruits of the Holy Sacrifice can be applied to them in particular, without prejudice to the principal intention. Again stretching out his hands, the Priest continues his prayer, saying: Et omnium circumstantium, quorum tibi fides cognita est et nota devotio. [and all here present, whose faith and devotion are known to Thee] ... The Priest prays for all those who are present around him, because their faith has urged them to leave alone everything else, and to come gathering about the Altar, and for this reason, they deserve a special share in the Holy Sacrifice. See here, how good it is to assist at Mass as often as possible. But if we do so, it must be with faith and devotion, for the Priest particularly says: quorum tibi fides cognita est et nota devotio. It is quite clear that the Priest could never speak thus to God in behalf of such Christians as conduct themselves no differently in Church than they would anywhere else, who are in no way preoccupied with what is going on at the Altar, and who seem to have nothing else to do, but to distract themselves as far as they can, more or less respectably. So then of those who are present it is only such as assist with faith and devotion that can participate in the fruits of Holy Mass. As to those who are absent, they too can participate of the Sacrifice, by uniting themselves spiritually thereunto, and by desiring to assist thereat, with faith and devotion, were it in their power to come. If such be their dispositions, they do really share in the fruits of the great Sacrifice, how far so ever distant they may be. Observe from all that has been said, how the Priest can have no mere personal idea, when approaching the Altar to offer Sacrifice. He then holds the whole Church in his hands, and he prays with outstretched arms, like Christ Himself, offering Sacrifice for all men.
  • Sunday, Nov 5 - 22nd Sunday after Pentecost     8:00 a.m.    Anna M Fornefeld†     10:00 a.m.    Pro Populo
  • Monday, November 6 - No Mass   
  • Tuesday, November 7 - No Mass
  • Wednesday, November 8 - No Mass
  • Thursday, November 9 - No Mass
  • Friday, Nov 10 - No Mass
  • Saturday, November 11 - No Mass
  • Sunday, Nov 12 - 23rd Sunday after Pentecost     8:00 a.m.    Cindy     10:00 a.m.    Pro Populo
 Welcome Fr. SagutoThe pastor will be away from Nov. 3 through Nov. 11. Fr. Gerard Saguto has graciously made himself available to cover the Masses on Nov. 3-5. Please note there will be no public Masses Nov. 6-11.
Festival Choir -- Christmas Season Have you ever wanted to be in the choir and didn’t want to commit full time?  You might want to consider singing in the Festival Choir.  Come and experience singing in the choir for only a season. The practices will be one Saturday a month starting Saturday Oct. 28th at 10:00 am and some Sunday morning practices before the 10:00 am Mass. Contact Teresa Smith at for more details and practice schedule.
 Community Rewards Program of KrogerThank you to everyone who has participated in the Community Rewards Program of Kroger. This last quarter 19 household helped us receive $107.52 by signing up with the rewards program and just using their Kroger Plus card. If you would like to sign up go to our Parish Web page under the About Us column and  click on Fundraising for instructions.
  FSSP Liturgical 2018 Calendars There are 12 FSSP Liturgical Calendars left. If you would like to purchase one they are $10 each. You can buy your calendars while supplies last after the 8 or 10 am Masses or by calling the office.
  Diocesan Safe Environment Statement      (The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend has asked all parishes to insert the following statement in the bulletins during the month of November) It remains important for our church to protect children and young persons from the evils of abuse. To abuse a child is a sin. The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend remains committed to upholding and following its guidelines, policies and procedures that were implemented for the Protection of Children and Young People. These can be reviewed on the Diocese’s website, under “Youth Protection.” If you have reason to believe that a child may be a victim of child abuse or neglect, Indiana law requires that you report this to civil authorities. If you or someone you know was abused as a child or young person by an adult, you are encouraged to notify appropriate civil authorities of that abuse. In addition, if the alleged abuser is or was a priest or deacon of the Catholic Church, your are encouraged to contact Mary Glowaski, Victim Assistance Coordinator, (260)399-1458, email: Or Rev. Msg. Robert Schulte, vicar General of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, at P.O. Box 390, Fort Wayne, IN 46801, or at (260)399-1419, email: The Diocese is committed to helping prevent the abuse or neglect of children and young people and to assist those who claim to have suffered harm as a result of such abuse.
  St. Vincent de Paul “Brown Bag Collection” Please continue to help our food bank here at Sacred Heart by taking a brown bag and filling it with non perishable foods. Every Friday the  Sacred Heart St Vincent de Paul Society has a food bank that is open to anyone living in the Fort Wayne area. We currently serve an average of 110 families. Please bring the filled bag back by the 2nd Sunday of each month and we will exchange it with another empty brown bag. This gives everyone an  opportunity to help feed the poor in our city and work on our corporal works of mercy. Thank you in advance to all those who help us keep our food bank going.
Scrip   Scrip is a very easy way to help the parish financially without increasing your Sunday contribution. Please take a look at the order forms to see if there are vendors that you frequent. If so, just fill in the amount you would like to purchase. You will receive a gift card back that can be used any time and never expires. Please submit the form with a check by dropping it in the collection basket. For any questions call the office at 260-744-2519. All orders must be prepaid and will be placed on Monday of each week. Due to processing costs, in order to make a few dollars we have to have a combined total of all orders come to $400 or more. Your small order can help to reach this threshold.